Sunday, August 30, 2009

Evony Coin Generator

Would you like FREE Evony coins? Just follow these simple steps and you can have thousands of FREE Evony coins!

Step 1:
The first thing you need to do is download the generator. The generator contains no viruses or malware, or any of the like. Download here:
Evony Coin Generator
Evony Coin Generator [Mirror]

Step 2:
Now, sign up to Evony's sister site, HERE (VERY IMPORTANT FIRST STEP). Use the same email as your Evony account's email. This is VERY important. For the generator to work, you need to complete 5 offers per 'run'. Now, the way you do offers is simple. You can use fake names, as long as they seem realistic, but use real address information. Here are a few tools to complete offers with:

Roboform - This tool automatically fills in forms for you. So instead of taking 2-3 minutes to fill out a bunch of fake information, you can simply hit a button and it'll fill itself. Very useful!

Greasemonkey - It's a bot that will skip the yes' and the no's and pages like that for you. This bot is a program that is an add-on to Firefox.
Then add this script to it: (Hit the green box)

Step 3:
This is the best part! You have successfully competed 5 offers! They will credit instantly, so you know if you did them right! Go to your desktop, or wherever you saved the generator. Open it up, and enter your Evony email address. It must be the same. You don't want points going to someone else, do you? Click Generate My Free Coins, and it will submit your email to Evony. You will be credited with the amount of coins you requested within 24 hours. If you don't receive them, try again, sometimes the servers get overloaded at Evony.

Bonus Step:
Guess what the best part is? This generator can be used more than once! You heard me right, you can use it more than once! All you have to do is do 5 offers per 'run' and you can get unlimited coins!


  1. are u sure it will work??
    im Abdho

  2. Yes it works, you must sign up and complete offers. The offers will enable you to earn points which you can buy codes with. I'm here to answer any questions you may have!

  3. i dont understund, when you open the coin generator it say complete 3 offer minimum, when i go to the site and see my statistic, it say i complete 3 offers, after i generate coins, i waited 24 hour i do it again and still doesnt work, help me pls!!! And do it work for Age 2?